Intellectual Outputs

Please feel free to download these documents below to use in your classes, your school or as interested parent.

We have devoleped five output.

  1. Various lesson plans that you can use straight away in your lessons
  2. A guide to inform school leaders what the benefit is of adding practical elements in theoretic learning, with examples how pupils understand the subjects sooner and get more motivated. Including quotes from the school leaders of the partner schools.
  3. A teacher guide to help teachers how to develop lessons to add practical elements in theoretical lessons.
  4. A booklet for (grand)parents to give insight in how using your hands can be a future for the pupils. Many different interviews with practicioners, but also inpiring stories of students. So.. also nice to read if you are a techer or school leader πŸ˜‰
  5. A Smart Hands Start KIT. A set of cards that you can use to add to your existing lessons, to think of a combined lesson (physics and dance, or math and music) or to think up some nice ideas for workshops. You can download the files and print them to use.
Camelia Moldovan
(principal CNER, Cluj-Napoca, Romania):

β€œI would definitely recommend implementing a Smart Hands approach to Principals of other schools because it’s a way in which pupils discover having skills they did not know about. I was very impressed by a bird house that our pupils built during a learning activity in The Netherlands. It was the first time the girls had ever built something made of wood and it was their own creation ; they were so proud of themselves they wanted
to take the product back home to show it to their parents.
Up to that moment the pupils had been convinced that theory was the only thing they were good at, so the Smart Hands approach gave them the opportunity to use their practical skills.
– a very rare thing nowadays.”

Individual resources, workshop formats, tools and more.

Please feel free to contact us if you want us to feature your workshop using the Smart Hands Method!

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