Since the entry of the assembly line, we have segregated our ‘head and hands’ so to say, both in education and in the field of work. On the other hand, we now witness a growing interest for producing local products and circular and sustainable design and an increasing demand for skilled
workers who can think and act. This shift demands a new young professional.

By using both our HEAD and our HANDS, we reach our HEART. The student who is inventive, knows about material, is skilled, is focused and has a team spirit, has the future. We aim to create a recommitment to the vocational arts, in education and in life. Students learn to follow the path of their tendency and talent, rather than relegating everyone to a college prep tract.By challenging students to take their time, perform trial & error activities, we appeal to them to be clever and crafty. This also includes prolonging their attention span and be able to work in a focused manner on long term assignments, viewing an assignment from all angles.
Our ambition is to educate skills in a cross subject manner to create context for students. The combination of alpha, beta and gamma subjects in one task challenges students to be more exploring, creative, ingenious and inventive. Important aspect here is to create the circumstances for
students to “learn to learn” this way.

The youth unemployment in the EU underlines the necessity to spark a dynamic and positive attitude among young people towards enterprising behaviour, networking skills and pro-activity. Learning by doing and educating students to take initiative and investigate opportunities themselves, will increase employability. Smart Hands addresses this need by the key focus on the initiative of the student.


Smart Hands is funded by Erasmus+
KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
KA201 – Strategic Partnerships for school education

SmartHands: KA201-31F6A59A
Agreement nr: 2019-1-NL01-KA201-060449


6th of December 2022
Final international multiplier event in Brussels, The Netherlands, mail Eileen if you would like to join!
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28th of November 2022
Multiplier event at school Singelland, Surhuisterveen, The Netherlands, mail Eileen if you would like to join!
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10th of November 2022
Multiplier event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, mail Ariana if you would like to join!
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November 2022
5th partner meeting and 4th training week in Joensuu and Outokumpu, Finland
September 2022
4th partner meeting and 3rd training week in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
March 2022
3rd partner meeting and 2nd training week in Surhuisterveen, The Netherlands
November 2021
2nd partner meeting and 1st training week in Alveiro, Portugal
March 18th 2021
3rd Digital Online Training Day
January 19th 2021
2nd Digital Online Training Day
27th of October 2020
1st digital online training day
October 2019
1st partner meeting in Boras, Sweden