During the “Hands & Head To The Heart – The results of Smart Hands – Romania” dissemination event, we presented to all those who chose to be with us the activities and results of the Smart Hands project.

We were honored with the presence of Ms. Deputy General School Inspector Prof. Anca Cristina Hodorogea and Mr. Prof. Cristian Pop, School Inspector for Mathematics.

The event included a multitude of activities, like the presentation telling about the essence of the Erasmus+ project, visiting the exhibition “Visible Maths”, the round table “The story of the experience with the Smart Hands project from the perspective of students, teachers, the school director, the Scientifica organization”, parallel workshops, presentation of the Intellectual Outputs of the project.

We discussed a lot about transdisciplinarity, creativity, collaboration, the approach to learning theoretical notions/abstract concepts through practical activities, and inventiveness. The workshops and the concrete examples presented by both the students and the school teachers were highly appreciated by the participants.

Hope this event will inspire the invited to include the SmartHands approach to their education too!

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