AEJE school held their Smart Hands event on the 21st of December 2022 at their Secondary School location in Aveiró.

We decided to invite all the trainee teachers of their “Agrupamento” of schools, from the kindergarten up to secondary levels. We planned the event with the teachers’ trainers from our Agrupamento and with teachers’ trainers from the University of Aveiro. Over 20 external guests attended the event. We shared with the invited teachers schools the goals of Smart Hands Project, as well as the outputs produced, in the first part of the Multiplier Event.

During the second part they worked in groups with the Smart Hands cards. Gabriel brought different challenges to them and that was the part of the event they all liked the most! Since we have involved trainee teachers from different universities and from different backgrounds this was also very helpful for the further uptake of the project, to give their testimonies about the work done in Smart Hands Multiplier Event with their Universities, as well as about the importance of this project regarding the region where we are.