The Multiplier event in the Netherlands, took place on November 28: SmartHands, resourceful and skilled into the future!

We shared the results of our Erasmus+ project SmartHands with various educators, lesson developers, managers, parents and entrepreneurs.
We explained how the project was structured, how we organised international online workshops during Corona and explained the toolkits we developed. As an inspiring keynote, Tim, The traveling Teacher spoke about his experiences with international education systems that inspired the audience.

During the second part we offered four workshops. The SmartHands Start Kit was extensively tested, the students of OSG Singelland presented their experiences in Romania and Finland, a Golden Hands workshop and a brainstorming session about the continuous learning line Primary, Secondary, Vocational an Higher Education and how SmartHands fits in with this.

We received clear feedback from the visitors about their ideas about multidisciplinary lessons and how the Start KIT, among others, can help them with this.

“If we would sit together for another hour, I’ll surely have a lesson plan ready!” one participant said enthusiastically. “You make very different combinations than usual, very inspiring” said another.

Teachers from PO, VO and MBO who were present are in the starting blocks to think along with a practical flow, where equal opportunities are central.