A workshop about making physics tangible

Pupils from OSG Singelland visited the D’LAB in Leeuwarden, from the Vocational school Friesland College and had a workshop lead by Eileen from House of Design and teacher Frank from Friesland College.

Firstly they calculated how to make a cup that exactly holds 100 ml of fluid.

Then they learned the effects of using different tools in their design to make the calculation tangible.
The pupils drew a cup. Some with handles, some with different ornaments, very creative!
Then they used clay to create a prototype of their drawing. Already now they could see how different the object looked from the drawing they did earlier.

When using Tincercad, a 3D modelling program on the computer, the designs of their cups changed totally. This was an eye-opener for as well the pupils as the teachers!

The only part that still was the same… all designs could hold 100 ml of water.

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