How to make a no-sew-t-shirt-bag into a Romanian language and literature lesson

The multi-disciplinary SmartHands workshop “Do not waste your waste – how to make a no-sew-t-shirt-bag has been successfully integrated in a Romanian language and literature lesson for the 9th graders”.

The lesson objectives were:

  • to read and understand a literary text by Mihail Sadoveanu – Lacul Roșu/The Red Lake;
  • to read and memorize information about the real lake named The Red Lake;
  • to read The Red Lake legend;
  • to understand the importance of preserving nature;
  • to make different products;
  • to work in teams.

The lesson was structured in 3 main activities:

Activity nr. 1

All students read M.Sadoveanu’s text and saved the most beautiful quotes and decided that it was a beautiful place for a trip. So, we started to prepare a virtual trip, divided into teams.

Activity nr. 2

Theoretical teamwork (in 4 teams):

  • team 1 – read the Red Lake legend,
  • team 2 – searched information about the Red Lake,
  • team 3 – read information about the preservation of the Lake environment,
  • team 4 – described personal experience from their trips to the Red Lake. preservation of the Red Lake environment.

Activity nr. 3

Practical teamwork (in 4 teams):

  • team 1 – make bags from old t shirts,
  • team 2 – translate the quotes in English,
  • team 3 – design a t-shirt,
  • team 4 – design the PPT presentation.

At the end of the lesson all participants filled an evaluation form, calculated the score and then discussed the conclusions.

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