Pupils and teacher from secondary schools and expert partners from Finland, Romenia and Portugal visited OSG Singelland in Surhuisterveen from 14th till 18th of March 2022.

The theme of the week was Water.
We showed them how the BeeStreet in Leeuwarden collects rain water to water the plants to prevent heat stress. We visited Lauwersoog to show the difference in sea level, the dikes and pumping stations.

At the school the pupils worked on using waste material to create a garden lounge set, a food garden and a smart irrigation system. Using their hands learning new skills, using math and physics to calculate solutions and biology to choose what plant goes where.
At Broedplaats de Campagne they created a waterfilter from scrap.

The pupils discovered (their interest in) new skills they did not know they had.
They were fascinated how they can use their heads and hands to address societal problems too.
Quite an eye opener!

Hopefully we inspired them to use their inventiveness and skills to create a sustainable future.

Movie by: Marieke Verdijk

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