On the 25th of May 2022, we (CNER & Scientifica) organised the Visual Maths exhibition in our school.The visitors of the exhibition were: 20 French high-school students, 10 students from a high school in Satu Mare (another town in RO), around 100 high-school students from our school, maths teachers from our school, from France, and Turkey and a university professor (Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty).

Visible Maths
Mathematics is a subject that allows for precise thinking, but when that precise thinking is combined with creativity, openness, visualization, and flexibility, the mathematics comes alive.

I never thought about the materials in such a detailed way.

The starting point of the Visible Maths series of workshops was the fact that students have difficulties understanding mathematical concepts. So, I thought that creating real objects that show mathematical concepts might support students’ understanding.

The students involved in this project were 9th graders (14-15 years old) and I worked with Miruna Batin, a professional designer from Scientifica, for designing and implementing the workshops.

The workshops started at the begging of February, and we organised and implemented two workshops each month.

More to see on: https://sdw-blog.eun.org/2022/05/10/visible-maths/

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