Another lock down…

Way of Arts and Agrupamento de Escolas José Estêvão organised an online workshop for all the partner school’s pupils.

The workshop:

Memo board:

  • Consists in developing a photo/imagery/object board of memory

Necessary elements:

  • Camera
  • Access to a printer
  • 1 support that it can be one old piece of card, Styrofoam, fabric, whatever your imagination brings you, that needs to be around 50cm to 100cm (wide and length)
  • something to cut the support you choose like a scissor, a x-acto knife (if you´re comfortable handling it).
  • 1 or more different materials (fabrics, jersey, paper, wool…) to decorate the support like:
  • Inks (acrylic or other that dries fast)
  • paper of different colours,
  • leaves, flowers (whatever you want, be creative)
  • UHU stick glue, wall pins, ruller, thread or any other material you need to hang the decorative elements in the board
  • Smart Hands

Before 19th January, day of the workshop:

  • Take and print 3 to 5 pictures (10cmx10cm maximum) of people, actions or other details of things that you identify with, and that in a way are connected to what you like in your country and your life style
  • write a few lines in small pieces of paper, the same number of pictures taken, telling what those pictures mean to you
  • cut the support you choose, as big as possible, creating one approximate outline of your country map

On the 19th during the workshop

  • (25 minutes) being creative decorate the support with what you´ve chosen as decorative elements, having as inspiration the pictures you took and print
  • (20 minutes) hang the pictures together with the pieces of paper with the lines you wrote about them.
  • (5 minutes) Think about one thing you like very much in your country and one thing you´ll like to see changed.
  • (10 minutes) let´s learn from your works

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